We wish that you enjoy your visit here.

I live in the small town called Jämsä, in the middle of Finland with my teenager son Karri. At the moment we have three ridgeback females in our pack: Penny, her daughter Pessi and import girl Maya. We also have one veteran male Poju, which is mixed breed gentleman. And last, but not least the cat called Kissa.

I have bred so far two litters, first in 2010 and the second in 2013. Our dogs and their puppies are true family members, they live with us full time in every day life. Our brood bitch came to live with us 2007 and after that there was no return to the life without RRs.

Have a good time visiting us and please, if there is anything you want to ask - go ahead !

Sunna Kivisalo

Antinkuja 2

42100 Jämsä


email: sunnakivisalo@suomi24.fi

tel. +358-40-5892281

copyright - Sunna Kivisalo

Mahiri Retta's Eternity 'Penny' c- Sunna Kivisalo

Cascaya Maya Qwandoya 'Maya' c- Sunna Kivisalo

Miss Sunnypenny's Agent Dreamy 'Pessi' c- Sunna Kivisalo