Year 2010

The puppies have grown nicely. We took the first stacking pictures today.
You can find them here:  

Penny got 11 wealthy puppies excactly the day it was planned.
Mom and kids are doing fine. We have now six males and 5 bitches. Four of them are ridgeless. No sinus or kinky tails have been found. They are hungry like RRs almost always are and so pretty! We are so proud of them.

We got very nice letter today:
Penny's C.I.B. (Champion de International Beauté) has been confirmed in International Kennel Club. She has now titles: C.I.B. BIS Fi, Ee & Lt Ch, Lt W-10.
We still have about two weeks left of her pregnancy. She will have about ten puppies, so I think that we are going to have a very interesting Christmas time. Puppyroom is now finished and we are ready to welcome little ones! 

We went to the vet to check out if the insemination had succeed. We were quite sure that she were pregnant because she had shown us all important signs that we had been waiting for. She has been very tired and haven't eaten all the food that we have given her.
The vet started to count the puppies and when he found number 10, he started to laugh. The main thing is that we know that everything is all right and she is pregnant! Now all we can do is wait and cherish Mom.

Penny surprised us once again. She started her season two weeks ago and the insemination took place already in September!
The insemination was done in Mäntsälä by Merja Dahlbom. Penny behaved there so nicely. She didn't make a move during the whole operation. She kept staring at my eyes all the time. She is such a brave girl! The operation was over within 15 minutes and al went well.
Tomorrow morning we will do it again. Then it will be time of waiting. Please keep your thumbs and paws up that we will be having puppies in November! Please be free to contact
puh. 040 5892 281
tel. +358 4058 922 81


We made a weekend-trip to Oulu and Gällivare with Liisa, Esa, Pelle and Uno. On Saturday we entered Oulu International Dog Show with nice results.Pelle was chosen as BOB and also BIG-2 and Penny BOS. After the show we travelled to Gällivare, which is a little town in Northern Sweden.
Judge Hans Boelaars from Nederland chose Penny's brother Mahiri Retta's Elements ' Rambo' as BOB. He also gained the title of Swedish Champion. Pelle was BM-2 and Penny BB-4. After that show we made a sightseeing-tour to Gällivare area and had a nice walk in Dundret. The weather was wonderful for a whole weekend and so was the company! Thank you Liisa and the boys :)   4.7.2010
We spent a day in very hot Pori and entered the international dog show there. We had nice company there. Family Larjava was having a summerholiday here in Finland and they had travelled there with Minna to meet us! Penny received BOS with CACIB and with excellent critique. Now we are waiting for nice trip to Oulu and Gällivare next weekend. 

 Spring  2010

We found a tiny lump behind Penny's left ear and took her to our vet to check it out. He wasn't very worried about it but we decided to operate it anyway and send a biopsy to the pathologist. We got Patovet's report in a few days. The lump was a mast cell tumor that has been removed well. Tumor cells didn't reach to the border of the biopsy. Its' distribution was quite slight. The tumors like this one don't usually recur locally but the risk of a metastasis does exist.
After we got this result, we decided with our vet to re-operate her, just in case. The vet cut about 13 x 5 cm wide area off around the place where the tumor had existed. After 12 days it was time to take the stiches off and Penny was able to continue her normal, energic life. The most difficult part of this episode for her was to take it easy for a couple of weeks. When she got permission to run and have fun she acted like a puppy! She surely enjoyed the freedom.
At the same day we found out that she had MCT we started to find out as much information as possible about this. I called couple of times to Heikki Putro, who is the best oncologist in Finland.. I got also many good advices and facts from Seppo Saari, who works at Patovet as a patologist. Also Merja Dahlbom was very kind to help me with thing. I'm happy to have some good connections to USA and Canada and asked the
breeders there for advices and their experience about MCT. Right away it has been clear that MCT is a lot more researced tumor in Northern America than here in Finland. The breeders interviewed their vets and some researchers who have been working to learn about MCT. The facts that I got from these people were very reliefed. MCT is a commonly diagnosed among the dogs. Some breeds have more problems with it, ridgebacks aren't fortunately one of these. In USA they don't even necessarily operate them anymore. They treat it with antihistamine, for instance. If a dog hasn't got any lumps in a 3 month period you may consider that your dog is healthy again. MCT is not a hormonal or hereditary disease. It is caused by over-active immune system.
I made a trip to USA and Canada in June had some very interesting discussions about this. They have strong opinions that also this problem is in
consequence of too much and strong vaccination. Many people there don't vaccinate their dogs anymore the way they used to do. of course they do vaccinate the puppies! This is very interesting point of view.
In USA they have bred the bitches that have had MCT with normal results. Both females and puppies were healthy and havenä't had any problems with allergies. So we have made a decision that if Penny stays as healthy as she is now, we will inseminate her at the end of the year as planned . At thet time it has gone about 7-8 months since the surgery. And I have been told that 3 months is so called 'critical time'. I've collected a lot on information about MCT and this is only a part of it.
As I already told we had the great opportunity to travel to USa with my son in June. We visited the dog show of Puallyp there. I met there some wonderful people who I had met in FB. Also Argos, the sire of our planned litter was there. It was great to meet him in person finally! And let me tell you, he looked even more handsome than in pictures. His calm and balanced temper made a big influence on me. During this holiday we also visited family Larjava in Canada. I was very happy to get an opportunity to get to know Argos better. But as wonderful the trip was as super it was to go back home.
At the time we were on our holiday the Finnish Kennelclub had posted us the very pleasant letter. They had confirmed our kennelname. It will be Miss Sunnypenny's. The name includes our precious Penny, of course and also the sun which both remnids us of her homeland and her spirit of life. She is always sunny and happy girl for us who love her from the bottom of our hearts! 


This Saturday it was time to go to Tampere International Dog Show.
I wasn't able to join the rest of the family there. We had made a deal with Nina Lindqvist to handle Penny in Tampere. There were 20 RR's entering the show and the judge was Knut-Sigurd Wilberg from Norway. Penny and Nina did a grat job and Penny got EXC-1 in the championclass and was placed BB-2. Thank you Nina for nice handling!
Harjaselän Persilja, Aava, was BB-1 and BOS. That placement made her a new Finnish Champion, congratulations!
Murumbi's Bright Brolle For You, Pelle, gained his first CACIB being BOB and also BIG-1.
On Sunday he did absolutely great job being BIS-1. Fantastic work, Liisa and Pelle ! You look so cool:) 


The second dog show of Vilnius was called Vilnius Cup'10.
The judge of the day was Hungarian Kardos Vilmos. Quite soon it was clear that it was not easy to get excellent as a result. Only three males were awarded excellent: one Russian dog, Murumbi's Bright Brolle For You and Harjaselän Kotkanpoika, both from Finland. Our Penny was the only bitch to get excellent ! That made her the best bitch of the day among ridgebacks. And for the second time in one weekend!
We want to thank Liisa for this great trip. And a big hug to all travelmates! 


We left home at 2 a.m. Friday night to travel all the way to Lithuania.
It was a very long trip there with such a funny company! The Lithuanian Winner 2010 Dog Show was held in Vilnius. 24 ridgebacks took part in the day's competiton. The judge was Polish Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska. Penny did an excellent job despite the journey. She was chosen as best of breed. The judge wanted to tell me that Penny's backmovements were the best she had seen in that ring!
That result made it happen: She got three new titles. She is now also Lithuanian Champion and Lithuanian Winner 2010. The cacib of that day made her also C.I.B.= International Chapion. This title is not confirmed yet.
In the groupcompetition we didn't get any placement but it didn't spoil our happiness at all. We got excactly what we were after! This result was our to come true before it is time to concentrate on a puppytime;) Well done our beautiful Princess !
One more time; THANK you, all dear friends for the excellent support and congratulations.
Raahaa kuva tähän


Penny, Uno & Pelle in Gällivare.