Year 2011


Four of our Agent litter RR's were at the Winner weekend in Helsinki. All of the pups got ver nice critiques.
Best part on the show was when our Miss Sunnypenny's Agent Promise got the title of Finnish Junior Winner 2011.
So proud of all the Agents and their owners!

Miss Sunnypenny's first Finnish cacib is true! Miss Sunnypenny's Agent Sugar, Sunny was BOS with CQ and cacib in Kajaani group show. She got very nice critique: Overall excellent type, very well matured bitch for her age with a correct head and nice expression. Nice clean neck. Well proportioned body, sufficiently angled, excellent paws. Nice coat with beautiful warm color. Nice ridge, correct temperament for the breed, effortless movement! The judge was Juhani Lappi. Well done Juulia & Sunny !
At the same time Penny and entered Turku National Dog Show. Penny was placed as BB-2 and Pessi was EXC-2 in junior class.The critiques can be found in show results. 


The international dog show of Oulu seems to be the tradion for us. We built our camp to Nalllikari Camping late Friday evening.
Saturday's show day was very rainy. Penny got no placement that day. Miss Sunnypenny's Agent Sugar was BOB-puppy and Pessi was number two.
On Sunday we got the same results. Juulia & Sunny did a great job being the very first time in an official dog show ! Penny gained BOS on Sunday and got the excellent critique. The judge of Sunday, Anca Giura was one of the nicest judge ever. Pessi is going through some fear period and is a little bit of afraid of a judge in a ring. Some more self-confidence and meeting and touches of new people is what she needs now. 


We were lucky to get the funniest travelpartner Teija to visit with us Latvia. In Ogre was held the national dog show where both Pessi and Penny participated. The day was very hot but girls did great job! Pessi showed herself very nicely and was BOB-puppy. We had a chance to join the BIS-puppy ring also but got no placement there.
The judge Hassi Assenmacher picked Penny as BOS and that made her both Latvian and Baltic Champion ! Penny's dad Zorro was BOB and he got the same titles. At the end of the day Zorro was finally also BIS-3. Our trip was very succesful! Thank you Teija, Make & the boys for hilarious company.


At Tampere in RR Speciality the number of ridgebacks entering was a huge 79!  What a great possibiity to see a lot of dogs of our breed. It was time for our Miss Sunnypenny''s Pups to go to the first official dog show.There were three of our puppies: Rommi, Luca and Pessi. And the babes did well! Luca was number one and Rommi the second with honor price in 5-7 months puppy class in males.
Pessi was the only female puppy in this class, so she was number one also with HP. Pessi was placed as BOB ad Luca was BOS. Penny got EXC in champion class, but no placement. It was the excellent start for Agent Litter in the show rings :)


All the Agent Litter puppies moved to their new homes during January. New owners seem so enthuastic and happy! Miss Sunnypenny's Agent Dreamy stayed at home with us. We decided to call her Pessi. She is very lively and energetic little girl. She is a perfect match with her Mom. They play a lot and Penny behaves like a puppy again:)
We have started a little training with Pessi and wait desperately snow to melt so we could spend some more time in the woods with the hole gang! Penny is trying to get in shape again. She did an excellent jog as a Mom for eleven puppies.Penny has finally started her season. Soon it will time to do AI in Mäntsälä clinic. If all goes well, we will waiting puppies to be born in February and they will be able to move into their new homes in April. Perfect timing, Penny :) I will be updating news as soon as we'll get them.