Year 2013

c-Sunna Kivisalo

c-Sunna Kivisalo

Yoda, Jussi & Kissa

14.1.2013 Penny's pregnancy is true ! I took her to the ultrasound today.
The  whelping time will be in the middle of February. Before that it is time to relax, enjoy good and healthy food, walk in the woods and take it easy. Not to forget prepairing for the puppy time :)

Febuary 2013

Penny whelped two perfect male puppies. Both had ridges. We cherished them here at home for two months and after that the brothers moved to their new homes. Jussi, Miss Sunnypenny's Buffalo Bill moved to Korpilahti. Nala, her half-sister got the little brother !
 Yoda, Miss Sunnypenny's Billy the Kid lives in Pirkkala with family Höylä. We wish the both boys happy and long life !

May-June 2013

We have the new addition in our pack ! Maya, Cascaya Maya Qwandoya has
moved to us, and she is perfect match to our family :)
I travelled to Czech to visit Hanka Pankova and her family in May and
I had very nice visit there. Maya's mom Ashari had 13 puppies, but the
decision which one of the babies will travel with me to Finland was
evetually quite easy. I think it was love at first sight .... I want to
thank Hana and her family once again for their lovely hospitality !!
Next tme it is my treat :)

May seemed to be one happy month also otherwise: In Jämsä dog show
Rommi, Miss Sunnypenny's  Agent Promise gained his last cac being BOB
and finished his title Finnish Champion.

Pessi followed her mothers steps and gained Finnish Champion title in
Orivesi in June being also BOB. Pessi was the 3rd champion of the A-
litter. Not bad !

Miss Sunnypenny's Agent Sugar, Sunny participated MH-test in Rovaniemi
in June. Her total points were 171 points. I will tell about the test


We had some very nice show trips during the Summer. In July we visited Pärnu for a weekend. Pessi's brother Rommi, Miss Sunnypenny's Agent Promise keeped us company there. Both Pessi and Rommi gained Estonian Champion title and 2 CACIBs at that hot weekend.


We have spent a lot of time at home during this season. Maya has made herself home so well, I am very satisfied to have a puppy like her in our family. Unfortunately she broke one of her toes in August and had to have the stupid bandage in it for 7 weeks. But now it is history and she can run free !

Maya entered her first show in Seinäjoki in October. She did fine job being BOB puppy under the judge Arne Foss. Miss Sunnypenny's Billy the Kid was BOS puppy and buffalo Bill 2. male puppy. Pessi placed BOS getting one more CACIB. What a great day !

Happy birthday Agents ! Our A-litter is now 3 years old.


Jussi & Yoda, 6,5 wo.

The brothers are now officially juniors, not puppies anymore. Jussi and Yoda reached the age of 9 months in November.

Pessi & Sunny

In December it was time to travel to Helsinki to enter Nordic Winner and Winner shows. Also Miss Sunnypenny's Agent Sugar travelled a long way from Rovaniemi to Helsinki to run in the ring. Thanks Juulia for your activity !
You can find Pessi's and Maya's critiques at their own show pages.
 Here are lovely Sunny's critiques:

Nordic Winner 14.12.2013, Rainer Vuorinen
'Good proportions and shape of the skull. Good depth of the chest.A little bit too high set of the tail.Nice paws and free movements.'

Winner 15.12.2013, Coleen Muldoon
Ch EXC-4
'Good head & expresion. Nice dark eyes, correct lenght of neck, good depth of chest, correct hibs. Handled well. Prefer better front mowements.'

Thank you Liisa for your great hospitality during the show weekend !

Waiting for the Christmas...

Merry Christmas !