More info about planned C-litter coming soon !

c- Snezka Kuralt


Maya, Yoda & Jussi passed finnish MH- mental test today.It is the test mainly for young dogs and they all did very good job. They showed themselves as they are in normal life. Quite typical ridgebacks. Below this text you will find the official results. Only in finnish, I am sorry ! And also some pictures, here you are.

All the pics: copyright Toni Raisio.

Maya's MH-mental test results

Maya's mental test comparing to other tested finnish RRs. c- Nina Lindqvist

Jussi's MH-mental test results

Yoda's MH- mental test results

Jussi & Lari

Jussi meets the ghost.

Jussi playing with Lari.

Yoda playing.

Yoda and Mia.

Maya playing with me.



Maya @ noise part.

Maya meets ghosts.

Maya & me

Yoda and the ghost.

Yoda playing with Mia.


Maya entered today to unofficial dog show for charity. She was placed BIS-2 in awful Autumn rain weather. Luckily she has the show spirit even in bad weather too :)

Maya BIS-2 @ unofficial dog show in Kaipola.

Maya & Pessi





What an amazing way to start August 2015 !
Miss Sunnypenny's Agent 'Muzzle' participated his second blood tracking trial gaining his second fabulous points: Open class 48/50. Next time they will compete in winners class. Excellent work Sini & Luca !
At the same time Maya was placed BOS with CACIB in Iisalmi International dog show under Lynne Haarwood's (Australia) judging.

Maya BOS

@ Iisalmi Int Show

Maya @ Latvia

Maya @ Latvia

Amber, Maya & Derek @ Latvia.

Jussi & Nala c-Niina Kannisto

Miss Sunnypenny's Agent Sweet 'Nala' c-Niina Kannisto


Happy birthday Penny ! My first ridgeback girl turns today 8 years old. She been stood beside me faithfully through ups and downs. She has given birth and raised 13 beautiful puppies which have given joy and love to their best ever owners. We are very thankful.

'My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,
It comes from the love in my dog's eyes.'

Penny 8 yo.



Maya rocked the ring in Varkaus CACIB show. She was placed as best bitch among high quality bitches and finally BOS. 
We had a very nice picnic with other RR-people even the weather was not that sunny.Special thanks Jutta & boys for the great company !

Maya BOS in Varkaus CACIB show.

Maya's Estonian Champion diploma



Maya entered Tallinn Winner 2015 with great results: Open EXC-1 CQ BB-1 CAC CACIB BOS. She got three titles at the same show: Finnish and estonian champion and Tallinn Winner 2015.
Thank you Jutta, Kapu and Sisu for the best ever travelling company !
Maya's titles are at the age of 2 years and one month: Lv JCh, EeJCh, EeCh, FiCh, TLNJW-14. EEJW-14, EeW-14, TLNW-15.

Maya & me. Pic: Jutta Kirkkala


Our precious import girl (Qwandoya kennel in Czech) will turn 2 years old today. Happy birthday funny, always happy, eager to play and work Maya !

Maya in March 2015.


Maya 2 years old.


Happy birthday our veteran boy Poju. He will be 11 years old today.
Sun is shining, he will guarding our yard outside and some treats will be enjoyed also. Ice cream to our precious boy.



The European Ridgeback show dog results tell it: Cascaya MAYA Qwandoya number one junior bitch 2014. Our sweet and lovely girl, love her so much Hymiö heart 

In February we had to say goodbye to my husband and Karri's father Timo. We want to think that he travelled to the Rainbow Bridge and will take care of our loved ones animals there.

Timo & Pessi


What a way to start our show year 2015. Maya entered Kajaani international dog show and did very good job. Her results were INT EXC-1 BB-1 CAC CACIB BOS under judge Harri Lehkonen. Finally Res-CACIBs turned into a real one !
Thank you Jutta, Kapu & Sisu for the great travelling company ! And all the RR-people for the nice day !

Maya & me