The head shots of the 3 weeks old puppies, here you are !


Miss Sunnypenny's Guns N'Roses litter is here ! The whelping took quite a long time, but Maya and her assistants did great job and now it is time to enjoy the puppies.

Maya's first litter is made of seven girls and three boys. As lovely surprise three of the pups are liver nosed ones :) Three of the puppies are ridgeless.

More info coming soon ! Now we will rest and have some quality time with the babes <3

Happy birthday Penny ! She has been our joy and friend for 9 years now.

Maya 42nd day of pregnancy

Maya, 39th day of pregnancy

Happy news ! Maya is very pregnant. We are expecting the puppies to be born during the last week of July.


Penny's son Miss Sunnypenny's Billy the Kid 'Yoda' BM-3 Res-Cac in Jämsä NDS under judge Theo Leenen.

'3 yo male. Strong male. Good size and proportion. Dark eyes. Masculine head. Scissor bite. Well set ears. Good neck, shoulder and topline. Good ridge. Good bone and feet. Chest should be deeper and should have more forechest. Moves well.'

Mahiri Retta's Eternity 'Penny' BB-2 BOB-VET




Penny c- Mira Äikiä

Maya & Sisu has been mated succesfully in beautiful, sunny Savonlinna. Thank you Laura & Joni for your great hospitality !


Maya placed BB-3 at Rauma NDS. The sire of her planned litter Sisu was BOS !

Sisu & Laura c-Sunna Kivisalo

Maya has started her heat. We are waiting for the right time to meet the handsome Sisu !

More info coming later....

Maya, Penny, Pessi, Nala & Jussi

Jussi, Miss Sunnypenny's Buffalo Bill

Penny with her two daughters, Pessi and Nala

Penny, Mahiri Retta's Eternity. The mom of our A- and B-litters.

What a way to start show year 2016 !

Maya was placed BOS with Cacib in Lahti International dog show under judging Saija Juutilainen.

The sire of Maya's first planned litter Sisu's results were: BOB, BIG-1 and finally BIS-3 ! Huge congrats again Laura Mikkonen & Sisu, and the breeder Lari-Matti Kurkisuo !

Lahti CACIB show 3.4.2016. BOB BIG-1 BIS-3 Riziki Esteban Vihaio BOS Cascaya Maya Qwandoya Judge: Saija Juutilainen c- Lari-Matti Kurkisuo

Miss Sunnypenny's Billy The Kid 'Yoda' c- Mia Höylä

Cascaya Maya Qwandoya


The World's sweetest Poju celebrates his 12th birthday. We have been extremely lucky to have him in our lives for such a long time. Happy birthday Poju !

'Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.'
—Sidney Jeanne Seward

Poju and me some years ago.


Maya 3 years old c- Karri Kivisalo

Maya 3 years old c- Karri Kivisalo

Miss Sunnypenny's Buffalo Bill 'Jussi' c-Niina Kannisto

Miss Sunnypenny's Agent Sweet 'Nala' c- Niina Kannisto

Nala & Jussi c-Niina Kannisto

c- Niina Kannisto

Nala c- Niina Kannisto

Miss Sunnypenny's Billy The Kid 'Yoda' c- Mia Höylä