Year 2018

Our beautiful Penny, Mahiri Retta's Eternity had her 10 and half year's birthday 10.1.2018. We have decided to have birthday party every half year after 10 year of her life. She is doing just fine, love her to bits <3


We had nice training session with ridgeback group in Jyväskylä. Maya and me joined the team for the first time. We had a chance to meet two Maya's sons also that day.

Miss Sunnypenny's Reckless Life DOMI, 17 months old.

Cascaya MAYA Qwandoya

Miss Sunnypenny's Reckless Life DOMI 17 months old.


Miss Sunnypenny's Mr Brownstone RUDO

KuvatekstiMiss Sunnypenny's Mr Brownstone RUDO